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George Clooney injured: by the ‘minivan’ what else?

George Clooney and current girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis in Venice

So as I was saying, adding to the list of George Clooney‘s injuries was a broken hand. In the past, his motorbike accident that broke George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Larson’s leg, was somehow the big story! And then there was that odd injury while putting on weight for his role in Syrianna…that’s all I can remember for now, oddly enough.

So about George Clooney’s injury this summer, he explained it in that pretty much uncomplicated plus witty way he always does.

I slammed my hand in a minivan… I was getting out and someone slammed the door on it. I knew immediately it was broken because a bone was sticking up out of it. So the Italian guy who does the driving for me says, ‘Get in the car, I’ll take care of you.’ He drives me into town… and he takes me to the dentist. Dentist’s chair, dentist’s lamp, everything. The guy comes in, pulls the dentist’s lamp down onto my hand. He starts pulling on my fingers, which really hurts. At last he says, ’Hmmm… I think it’s broken…’ I’m saying, ’Is there a real doctor anywhere in here?’ In the end, they got me into a hospital in Lugano, the hand was x-rayed and I was in and out in 20 minutes. It’s doing fine now.”

But that’s not the story. Not to me anyways. I was reading this excerpt from Hello Magazine in..err… Celebitchy and mirroring my thoughts right there was: “EW. God, I hate when people tell stories about their broken bones. The worst words in the English language are “the bone was sticking out”. Does that make anyone else nauseous?”

Nauseous? Honey, it makes me feel like someone pulled out my intestines and balloon twisted them into a gravy boat. I’m sorry, did that make you uncomfortable?

PS: Oh by the way, just in case you’re thinking I follow Celebitchy or some other snarky site like Lainey Gossip, etc. don’t! I just run into them sometimes…well a lot of times. Blame Google. Blame External Links! And twitter and facebook and social networking of all forms! Oh no, I don’t follow Celebitchy. Not at all. And I definitely, most surely and affirmatively, never ever lay my eyes on this article. Ever.

George Clooney : Style

Now I know George Clooney keeps on saying that he doesn’t need a stylist. He likes to think style comes effortlessly to him. Well, hello! Remember me? Your personal style guru? I’d like to add a word or two here about how men take their wives for-granted all the time…but I’ll save it for later, George Clooney’s style being the topic of conversation here.

George Clooney is known for keeping it cool and casual, esp. the dress sense. Personally, I don’t think there’s much ‘dressing’ for guys if you’re really toning it down as much as Clooney does. But at least he’s not looking as ditzy as his goood friend Brad “what’s wrong with you” Pitt here.

And here

Well, thank god, the friendship has no influence on George Clooney’s style. You’ll mostly see George in a plain t-shirt and jeans. I think this picture suffices his entire wardrobe.

But I don’t think round necks are really flattering on him. Sorry darling, sometimes the truth’s gotta come out. Because he has square shoulders that are quite…err…square. I did tell him once or twice, he looks much better in shirts and polos.

Well, thank you for taking the advice and BTW, did I say anything about holding hands?!

This is how he looks on a boat

And in court…. (for those of you who aren’t updated, George Clooney testified in an Italian court against three people who used his name for a designer brand, forged his signatures, cloned his photographs and the works! More on that later.)

Sometimes George Clooney’s style does involve a breezy surprise. I think the pattern looks really sweet on him, don’t you?

Not all patterns though…or maybe it’s just the girl (Elisabetta Canalis) beside him that’s making me say this: Really George?

For the most part, I do admire George Clooney’s style and I think he’s quite justified in saying “I don’t care a lot about my looks; I don’t even have a personal stylist. It is unmanly and unsexy if you always worry about it.”

I’d love to do a ton of features on George Clooney’s style in each of his movies, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to fall flat on my face in two seconds, for lack of material. As a girl, I really want to talk about clothes and shoes!!! This is so not fair. Maybe I should find me a nice lesbian popstar girlfriend. Screw heterosexuality.