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So George Clooney Endorses Nespresso, Doesn’t Mean He’s Insincere In Humanitarian Efforts

In case you’ve stumbled on to this post from an outside source, Here’s the context: a blogger at 66witches says why she thinks George Clooney’s humanitarian efforts are moot because he associates himself with Nestle–a crap corrupt corporation to the core (responsible for 1.5 mil infant deaths in Africa) while endorsing Nespresso–an environmentally degrading machine nobody in their right minds ever freaking wanted. I explained the whole thing about what the fuck is wrong with George Clooney endorsing Nespresso in the previous article.
Though an year too late, here’s my response for the article in 66witches:

Well, you can see me as clooneyfan here and I am not ashamed of being one even after reading your articles, many points of which I agree with.
In his defense George Clooney never claimed he was an environmentalist because he flies in private jets. He ‘publicly’ prefers convenience over all else.
But that is no excuse to prefer/endorse Nespresso’s machines. Surely anybody who had more than one cup of real coffee wouldn’t want such vacuum cleaned automated crap called coffee. I don’t. But since when have consumers world-wide started demanding products which they only absolutely need? Surely you’ve lived long enough to have heard people say they did not need computers!! And had the activism prevailed we would’ve been in a different world, wouldn’t you say? Definitely the Information Age, we so love right now would never have surfaced.
So if the generations to follow decide to prefer shiny aluminium (or hopefully some other Environmentally friendly packaging material) pods to coffee beans, could you hold it against them when you have given up on the sensibility of handwritten mails to the automated signatures of e-mails?
Pardon me, but this is how I would like to justify the existence of those wretched pods to myself, because at the end of the day, rant as much as I want, I would have control over my preferences alone and no one else’s.
(I would ask you here to think as a normal person who’s choices are based on ‘likes’ and ‘conveniences’ rather than an activist who’s choices are based on ‘what is right’)
So whether it is ‘necessary’ or not, George Clooney’s endorsement of the Nespresso machine is justified as far as the functionality of it is concerned.
So, those are my thoughts on 2 of your points:
1. The Environmental issue which I don’t have a stand on as long as George doesn’t proclaim himself to be an out and out Environmentalist.
2. The issue of whether we need the machine or not which I cannot summarize but you get the point.
Coming to Nestle’s widespread corruption, you are bang on. It’s nothing new, all these allegations on Nestle and I heartfully wish for the damn corporation to go down the drain. I have been an activist for Greenpeace’s campaign against Nestle “Ask Nestle to give rainforests a break” myself and have done a whole lot of reading regarding the same.
I also agree with you on the assumption that George Clooney knew all about Nestle’s wrongdoings having read Baby Milk Action’s press releases  among other justifying reports. He was definitely in the wrong in associating himself with a company like Nestle and I really hope George Clooney would stop endorsing the company’s products soon.
<Interruption from my original response at 66 witches>

As great (Oscar Winning) an actor George is, I can tell when he’s acting and when he’s not. In this video, for example, he is so not. You can see in every utterance, the earnestness to get the people in UN to hear. George is a smooth actor. When he’s acting he doesn’t stutter. SO PLEASE, HE IS NOT PRETENDING TO CARE

<Done fuming. Let’s go back to where we were.>

On the other hand, advocacy is the right of every concerned individual. And by individual I mean the simplest definitions of it which does not include multi-million-dollar-corporate-representations or a thirty-million-fanbase. I’ll come back here, but first consider this.

You might just be wrong that George Clooney ‘does not need the money’. It is estimated that 90% of his income originates from his endorsements. So, it would be a considerable dent in his earnings if he lost his biggest endorsement, wouldn’t it? You might not agree with me, but I’m sure his personal finance manager does and so would his investment partners and advisors.
Which is why I ask you to consider him as an individual alone and not what he represents or the finer (minuter) points of his income generation and its usage. It is a completely personal choice and it is utterly ridiculous and communist to discuss ‘how much he should earn’.
In a gist, about Nestle all I’m saying is, in addition to mouthing ‘Hollywood Whore’ I might also want to add ‘Business is Business’. Just to be fair.
So if such an individual who is moved by a cause dons the role of an advocate and dares to go against a lot of forces in voicing the troubles of an obscure nation of sufferers, I would totally support him despite what his lackings are.
At the end of the day, people in Darfur have been benefited, the situation in Chad had been enlightened and victims in Haiti have received relief! And what did George Clooney get from that except a felicitation here and there and a lot of flak because the way he earns his money is not 150% pure?
Someone who only ‘claims to care’ would not take off unassisted and unprotected to Chad with Pulitzer winner Nick Kristof. Someone who could be defined by the word ‘whore’ would not sacrifice the so-called personal gain for more than five years working for a losing cause, even while accepting he is losing it. Someone who ‘does not need the popularity’ and ‘is not running for president’ would not do what all George Clooney is doing unless he/she genuinely cares about a cause.
So please do not undermine his efforts where they directly matter just because he erred elsewhere along with some thirty-thousand-odd people also earning from the same place.
PS: No, I am not doing this to profess my undying love for George Clooney and I might or might not have done this for some other personality. But, I just wanted to throw some light on the positive aspects of his humanitarian efforts because a.I knew all about it and b. I am a bigger fan of reason than of George Clooney.
So I’d like to see if you can reason me out of this one 😛
<back to fuming, my fav pastime :D>
Just because he looks nice and suave doesn’t mean he’s slick or insincere.

George Clooney on Darfur

Maybe you’d like him more if he’s not his usual absolutely-terrific self. Throwing a beard on and some sad eyes good enough?

George Clooney on the Hope for Haiti telethon

Ok, fine, here’s One Hundred percent grungy! Let me know your thoughts.

George Clooney in Syriana. Screenshot

George Clooney’s endorsement of Nespresso: He Shouldn’t Have!

Don’t forget to read my response to popular opinions about George Clooney’s Nespresso endorsement in the next article

So guys, you know I’m the biggest fan of George Clooney in the world-wide-web (according to my own expert opinion) and I have to say I have been quite disturbed about the flak he keeps receiving because of endorsing Nespresso.

About the ads, I think they are pretty lame except for the first one “You’re talking about Nespresso, right?” Except for his rich and sensual voice, there is nothing noteworthy about them. But I guess you have to use the old celebrity-being-rebutted while giving autographs, etc. concept to get the masses interested in a new product.

Here’s the Nespresso advertisement I like

About the issue: Now that I’ve convinced you I am going to be all serious and critical and objective in this post by actually criticizing something that’s got George in it, let me get down to the details.

Give it up to George Clooney’s PR guys that this thing hadn’t been blown out of proportions. To be fair, George Clooney totally deserves all the shit he is currently getting and had gotten in the past by being Nespresso’s brand ambassador. Being a fan and an ultra-positive person in general, I have tried many times to articulate his defense for him.

For he hadn’t done much about it, except saying: “I’m not going to apologize to you for trying to make a living every once in a while

Well, honeybum…you’ve gotta do better than that! You’ve surely pissed some people off here!

For those of you who are in loss as to what the heck is wrong with endorsing Nespresso, find below here some bulleted points that outline the problem. I am taking them from the blog of 66witches instead of some news outlet because, this was the first article that I could articulate a response for and I like talking to and talking about people who care rather than automated feed burners!

Pax Vobiscum, the author of this article clearly noted why she thinks George Clooney becomes the Hollywood Whore for endorsing Nespresso. Here I am bulleting them down in my own words (but not necessarily agreeing with everything).

  1. Nespresso, the espresso machine which uses aluminium pods to make coffee is ‘Not Needed’. It eliminates any chance of enjoying coffee making because ‘where the hell are the beans’ right? And secondly, there is no need to replace a thousand year old system with an autobot when we are perfectly happy making coffee as we’ve been doing. “I guess the benefits, if you can call them that, of the Nespresso device, are that you can make a reasonably OK cup of Joe, without: cleaning, needing to know anything about coffee; being able to hold a spoon or read.”
  2. Environmental hazard: Nespresso’s coffee pods are packaged with Aluminium that does not magically disappear once the pod goes into the machine. Instead it accumulates with hundreds of others in the waste compartment and is never recycled–because there is no frigging recycling system in place! First you bring in a machine nobody ever wanted and second you start giving polythene a tough competition with aluminium in crapping up the environment. And George Clooney, a supposed environmentalist (just because he bought a super environment-friendly car the Tesla Roadster and some other fancy/costly gadgets), is knowingly bringing such a magnanimous amount of toxic waste onto the planet by promoting a pointless machine #justforthemoney.
  3. Nestle, the badass: Associating himself with a company like Nestle that had caused great harm to the people and environment in Africa,  itself proves how insincere he is in his advocacy of Darfur situation among others. Because

a. “Nestle is is still the subject of an International boycott over its baby milk products that have caused an estimated 1.5 million infant deaths in starving Africa.”

b. “Only a single Nestlé product out of 8,500 brands has been awarded the “Fair Trade” certification.”

c. “Nestle is featured on Corporate Watch as being guilty of massive corporate crimes  from heinous labour violations to I-don’t-give-a-shit environmental practices and are even implicated in the deaths-by-assassination of several Union organizers.”

Read my response to Pax in the next article and why I think George Clooney’s humanitarian efforts are every bit pure and his stand justified, despite direct affiliation with the shitbags of Nestle. Posting it here coz I’m not sure it’s gonna pass Pax’s moderation (I am totally scared of her response btw. My good humored comments often got bitch-slap responses from a lot many bloggers 😦 ).

And here is her full article if you want to read, but I have to warn you Clooney Fans, it is pretty raw and blows hate waves on dear sweet George every step of the way (No offense Pax, but it is hard to digest when I’m not so deep into the cause as you are).

PS: Oh by the way, my favorite line:

Why in the name of everything right and good and strong and beautiful; why in the screaming, twisted, contorted, bloody FUCK does he need to make a little extra dough on the side by pimping himself out to the likes of Nespresso?

Man, ain’t that strong? 😛

George Clooney, I’m gay! Choose me!

For a while there people in Italy thought George Clooney is gay. Of course, you’ve heard all about a fan stripping in a news conference in Italy and asking George to choose him. Here’s the video.

And later Matt Damon confessed on Letterman’s s show that he slipped it to an Italian journo that George Clooney is gay indeed and wants to marry his boyfriend too! Well I think he takes too much credit for himself. Either that or the Italian paps are really as dumb as they say.

I wish though that George Clooney is really gay. That’d really help my own “Choose me George!” monologue from surfacing, ever! And sweet though they are, I wouldn’t have to hear these words from him.

“Its hard when you take one big chance and it doesn’t really work. It’s always embarrassing when you take one real swing for the fences and it just falls flat!”

Gay or not, George does have an incredible response  throughput. His actual personality is really so charming that I am always loathe to see him in dark roles like in Michael Clayton or Syriana. Actually, I didn’t watch Syriana #canyoubelieveit. The whole setting and George Clooney’s look is a total turn off! Whoever pitched it to him that putting on weight and growing a beard is a good idea? We are very happy as we are thinking undercover agents are tall-dark-handsome and sexy as hell, aren’t we? Ok, if if you aren’t, in his case, George looks more real than any 48  49 year old movie star. It’s definitely not worth all that trouble to ‘fit into the role’ and cry over it later when the whole process caused George Clooney an injury.

Anyways, coming back to the issue at hand–“George Clooney is gay”, just the sound of it is so phoney! He is as straight as a man can be and I’m so not buying it that the reporter, whatever his IQ levels are, fell for it. I think Matt Damon is just taking cues off George in making a good story.

So not gay George Clooney is. See:

So not gay George Clooney is!


*that bitch*

George Clooney injured: by the ‘minivan’ what else?

George Clooney and current girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis in Venice

So as I was saying, adding to the list of George Clooney‘s injuries was a broken hand. In the past, his motorbike accident that broke George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Larson’s leg, was somehow the big story! And then there was that odd injury while putting on weight for his role in Syrianna…that’s all I can remember for now, oddly enough.

So about George Clooney’s injury this summer, he explained it in that pretty much uncomplicated plus witty way he always does.

I slammed my hand in a minivan… I was getting out and someone slammed the door on it. I knew immediately it was broken because a bone was sticking up out of it. So the Italian guy who does the driving for me says, ‘Get in the car, I’ll take care of you.’ He drives me into town… and he takes me to the dentist. Dentist’s chair, dentist’s lamp, everything. The guy comes in, pulls the dentist’s lamp down onto my hand. He starts pulling on my fingers, which really hurts. At last he says, ’Hmmm… I think it’s broken…’ I’m saying, ’Is there a real doctor anywhere in here?’ In the end, they got me into a hospital in Lugano, the hand was x-rayed and I was in and out in 20 minutes. It’s doing fine now.”

But that’s not the story. Not to me anyways. I was reading this excerpt from Hello Magazine in..err… Celebitchy and mirroring my thoughts right there was: “EW. God, I hate when people tell stories about their broken bones. The worst words in the English language are “the bone was sticking out”. Does that make anyone else nauseous?”

Nauseous? Honey, it makes me feel like someone pulled out my intestines and balloon twisted them into a gravy boat. I’m sorry, did that make you uncomfortable?

PS: Oh by the way, just in case you’re thinking I follow Celebitchy or some other snarky site like Lainey Gossip, etc. don’t! I just run into them sometimes…well a lot of times. Blame Google. Blame External Links! And twitter and facebook and social networking of all forms! Oh no, I don’t follow Celebitchy. Not at all. And I definitely, most surely and affirmatively, never ever lay my eyes on this article. Ever.

George Clooney Elisabetta Canalis: PDL

Confession: I might be a little snarky in this post and a tad bitchy too. But I promise, dear readers, I won’t repeat it in future posts. Just can’t resist this one though!

Elisabetta Canalis = Attention Whore. Oh dear! I feel bad already. I’m all for femininity and the last book I read was called Power of a Woman,  seriously. But this woman here is no power, I say, but just boobs and booty.  In fact I prefer George Clooney‘s ex-girlfriend Sarah Larson who is abhorred, literally, by bitchy-naggy writers internet-wide. She had such a sweet and (as much) a genuine smile. But everything George Clooney’s current girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis does is for the cameras. I did disapprove of her before and here I’ll prove everything I said!

They supposedly double dated at a restaurant with some friends and soon after George was found lapping the seductress in a bar. Oh well, good for him. But look what she’s doing:

George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis: Rome

Dude, do you want the guy or do you want the cheap camera/most probably cell phone 50 meters away (judging by the resolution)? George’s looking pretty sweet though, isn’t he? 😛

George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis have been everywhere in town, outta town, in the lake, in the beach, in the Europe, you name it! So here are a few more exhibits and I don’t know why I’m doing this. I just need the vent! Poor-sweet-George!

George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis at the screening of Men Who Stare At Goats in Venice

George: Here we are.

Elisabetta: Ohh wait! Lemme whisssper sweet nothings into your ear.

George: Ok…but hurry up.

Elisabetta: Oh, but that is all!

George (to himself): Maybe that’s how the Italians ‘Sardinians’ do it. Just say “sweet nothings” and then…nothing.

Elisabetta (to herself): That should make a great entrance shot. Yippee!

George Clooney and girlfriend

George (to himself): Finally done with the shutterbugs. Now can we go in?

Elisabetta (to herself): I can’t believe it! Did I actually forgot to flash my zillion watt smile from the back view? Its not just about the cleavage Canalis, why can’t you remember that for once!

George Clooney and girlfriend

George: Err…I was in the middle of a toast, but…ah well, at least she’s not doing this again!

George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis on the dance floorGeorge and Elisabetta on the dance floor of hotel Cipriani in Venice

Oh by the way, there’s this funny story about George Clooney’s bandaged hand you can see in the picture above. I’ll put it up in the next post.

George Clooney : Style

Now I know George Clooney keeps on saying that he doesn’t need a stylist. He likes to think style comes effortlessly to him. Well, hello! Remember me? Your personal style guru? I’d like to add a word or two here about how men take their wives for-granted all the time…but I’ll save it for later, George Clooney’s style being the topic of conversation here.

George Clooney is known for keeping it cool and casual, esp. the dress sense. Personally, I don’t think there’s much ‘dressing’ for guys if you’re really toning it down as much as Clooney does. But at least he’s not looking as ditzy as his goood friend Brad “what’s wrong with you” Pitt here.

And here

Well, thank god, the friendship has no influence on George Clooney’s style. You’ll mostly see George in a plain t-shirt and jeans. I think this picture suffices his entire wardrobe.

But I don’t think round necks are really flattering on him. Sorry darling, sometimes the truth’s gotta come out. Because he has square shoulders that are quite…err…square. I did tell him once or twice, he looks much better in shirts and polos.

Well, thank you for taking the advice and BTW, did I say anything about holding hands?!

This is how he looks on a boat

And in court…. (for those of you who aren’t updated, George Clooney testified in an Italian court against three people who used his name for a designer brand, forged his signatures, cloned his photographs and the works! More on that later.)

Sometimes George Clooney’s style does involve a breezy surprise. I think the pattern looks really sweet on him, don’t you?

Not all patterns though…or maybe it’s just the girl (Elisabetta Canalis) beside him that’s making me say this: Really George?

For the most part, I do admire George Clooney’s style and I think he’s quite justified in saying “I don’t care a lot about my looks; I don’t even have a personal stylist. It is unmanly and unsexy if you always worry about it.”

I’d love to do a ton of features on George Clooney’s style in each of his movies, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to fall flat on my face in two seconds, for lack of material. As a girl, I really want to talk about clothes and shoes!!! This is so not fair. Maybe I should find me a nice lesbian popstar girlfriend. Screw heterosexuality.

About me and George Clooney…The thing is…

See I was obsessed with George Clooney ever since I was a little kid. Just because I was five doesn’t mean I’m a kid by the way, becuzzzzzz….I was also George Clooney’s girlfriend blah blah..imprint..blah..soulmate..blah….and then we got married and everything (after I grew up of course!). Oh you wouldn’t know…it was a real hush hush affair 😉 Anyways, it’s all good except my shrink advised me that I’ve driven the obsession for ‘him’ too far. One of the ways to rediscover myself, he says, is that I should keep a journal/blog where I am to write anything I like–and I like Clooney!, anything I’d like to reflect on–ditto!, and anything remotely close to my personality instead of his–we’ll see about that.
BTW: Doesn't he look real cute here?

So here I am blogging about George Clooney in a true Mrs.Clooney style. And I am Mrs. Clooney for your kind information. Believe it you!

Now that we are past that, I’d like you to know in this first post of mine, that George is most charming in every way possible. (Sometimes more charming than is flattering. But I’ve learnt to live with that. Its ok–sniff sniff.) There are people, men and women, who would gladly testify to his charm.  Like this guy Joel Stein here. There are a lot of interviews of George Clooney, of course, but this one stands out because Joel had the chance to invite my actor husband to have dinner at his place. Here’s the gist: Joel is nervous that a ‘huge’ actor actually accepted his offer and rambles off about what he’s made and what the publicist/assistant has to say about the menu, etc. Then George Clooney comes in and makes Joel feel ultra-comfy in his humble abode and they chat on about lots of different stuff.

George keeps repeating that ‘you’ve gotta make fun of yourself before others do’, the reasoning behind which I never got. There is some drama over a fire alarm that goes on and off which George fixes! And finally Joel Stein decides that George Clooney could ‘host the crap out of’ anybody.

It’s a long but interesting interlude in the never ending interviews that George gives. Check out the story: George Clooney: The Last Movie Star

Oh by the way, the story is three years too old. But isn’t that the great part about reading on the web instead of papers? More interesting parts of George Clooney’s life and personality, coming up!