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George Clooney, I’m gay! Choose me!

For a while there people in Italy thought George Clooney is gay. Of course, you’ve heard all about a fan stripping in a news conference in Italy and asking George to choose him. Here’s the video.

And later Matt Damon confessed on Letterman’s s show that he slipped it to an Italian journo that George Clooney is gay indeed and wants to marry his boyfriend too! Well I think he takes too much credit for himself. Either that or the Italian paps are really as dumb as they say.

I wish though that George Clooney is really gay. That’d really help my own “Choose me George!” monologue from surfacing, ever! And sweet though they are, I wouldn’t have to hear these words from him.

“Its hard when you take one big chance and it doesn’t really work. It’s always embarrassing when you take one real swing for the fences and it just falls flat!”

Gay or not, George does have an incredible response  throughput. His actual personality is really so charming that I am always loathe to see him in dark roles like in Michael Clayton or Syriana. Actually, I didn’t watch Syriana #canyoubelieveit. The whole setting and George Clooney’s look is a total turn off! Whoever pitched it to him that putting on weight and growing a beard is a good idea? We are very happy as we are thinking undercover agents are tall-dark-handsome and sexy as hell, aren’t we? Ok, if if you aren’t, in his case, George looks more real than any 48  49 year old movie star. It’s definitely not worth all that trouble to ‘fit into the role’ and cry over it later when the whole process caused George Clooney an injury.

Anyways, coming back to the issue at hand–“George Clooney is gay”, just the sound of it is so phoney! He is as straight as a man can be and I’m so not buying it that the reporter, whatever his IQ levels are, fell for it. I think Matt Damon is just taking cues off George in making a good story.

So not gay George Clooney is. See:

So not gay George Clooney is!


*that bitch*

George Clooney : Style

Now I know George Clooney keeps on saying that he doesn’t need a stylist. He likes to think style comes effortlessly to him. Well, hello! Remember me? Your personal style guru? I’d like to add a word or two here about how men take their wives for-granted all the time…but I’ll save it for later, George Clooney’s style being the topic of conversation here.

George Clooney is known for keeping it cool and casual, esp. the dress sense. Personally, I don’t think there’s much ‘dressing’ for guys if you’re really toning it down as much as Clooney does. But at least he’s not looking as ditzy as his goood friend Brad “what’s wrong with you” Pitt here.

And here

Well, thank god, the friendship has no influence on George Clooney’s style. You’ll mostly see George in a plain t-shirt and jeans. I think this picture suffices his entire wardrobe.

But I don’t think round necks are really flattering on him. Sorry darling, sometimes the truth’s gotta come out. Because he has square shoulders that are quite…err…square. I did tell him once or twice, he looks much better in shirts and polos.

Well, thank you for taking the advice and BTW, did I say anything about holding hands?!

This is how he looks on a boat

And in court…. (for those of you who aren’t updated, George Clooney testified in an Italian court against three people who used his name for a designer brand, forged his signatures, cloned his photographs and the works! More on that later.)

Sometimes George Clooney’s style does involve a breezy surprise. I think the pattern looks really sweet on him, don’t you?

Not all patterns though…or maybe it’s just the girl (Elisabetta Canalis) beside him that’s making me say this: Really George?

For the most part, I do admire George Clooney’s style and I think he’s quite justified in saying “I don’t care a lot about my looks; I don’t even have a personal stylist. It is unmanly and unsexy if you always worry about it.”

I’d love to do a ton of features on George Clooney’s style in each of his movies, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to fall flat on my face in two seconds, for lack of material. As a girl, I really want to talk about clothes and shoes!!! This is so not fair. Maybe I should find me a nice lesbian popstar girlfriend. Screw heterosexuality.