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Well, I’m not really George Clooney’s wife though my blog says that. 

And this is why I didn’t marry him.


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George’s Two Proposals from Two Sexes : A comparison

Do you guys remember that video about a gay reporter taking off his shirt and proposing to George in a press conference? While that scene was huge, apparently there was another less popular press conference drama with a woman asking George’s hand in marriage, putting on a veil, bringing in the minister all the way till ‘you may kiss the bride’!

Quite amusingly, George doesn’t seem to be as well spirited as he did in the gay proposal video. He almost looks like he’s bored or annoyed. I also take it that he does not like the woman. Maybe it was because the Sarah Larson bit with the broken leg prop was a bit of a stretch.

Any how, George seems to cringe from the prospect of getting a proposal more than from that of people thinking he is gay! He obviously liked the gay reporter’s spontaneity as opposed to the woman’s painstaking preparations. He even graced the guy with, “Its hard when you take one big chance and it doesn’t really work. It’s always embarrassing when you take one real swing for the fences and it just falls flat!” He was so good at making the guy feel better that if George was really gay, he would have actually given the reporter a shot! But all he did for the girl was to humor her by going along with the little play of marrying her.

Well, the girl didn’t really leave anything for imagination. Watching the two episodes again just made me realize how similar the situation is in real life! A girl/woman goes out and out with the details, telling herself she just wants to make her guy happy. In return all she expects is a sweet goodnight kiss or commitment or maybe even a proposal. And she really does deserve what she wants for all the work she puts in! And you know what, she may even get it. But the question will always remain: Did he do it just to humor me?

On the other hand, if you are a man, no matter how off-balance you were with the presumptions and expectations about a woman (just like the guy who thought George Clooney was actually gay), all you have to do to win her over is to do something spontaneous or even wacky! Stand under her balcony and coo “I can’t smile without you” or suddenly appear with a ring a year after you broke up because you didn’t want to marry her after seven years of dating or just make a botched up birthday cake instead of taking her out to the fancy dinner that she really deserves. That’s all you got to do and she’s right back where she was slaving away at making you happy (in her own way)!

Well, to tell the same old story, women need to be more spontaneous and men need to put in a little more work than what categorizes under ‘desperate measures’.

PS: Do watch the video of the gay reporter’s proposal again if you want to compare notes! Plus, its actually a lot more entertaining than this one.

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The Cat Shit Prank!

If your roommate has a cat, the litterbox probably bugs the hell out of you. Apparently, it was the same for George Clooney, when one of his roommates left the open litterbox in the bathroom for his cat to have a go at it, whenever it wants. So George pulled this prank on the dude which involved some scooping and crapping…I can’t go into the details but I will use a word: Eeeeeewwwwwwwwwww! Ok that’s not a word.

You’ve got to hear it from George’s mouth! Watch here:


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Spontaneous George!

Last year, George was at the Emmys to receive the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award for his efforts to bring to light the brewing civil war in Sudan.And hello Mr.Spontaneous, he gets into bed with Modern Family! Is this typical of him or what?

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You’re gonna Luuurrrrve This

George Clooney was featured in Men & Movies about a couple of years ago and I found the feature one of the best I’ve seen so far!Mainly because it doesn’t tell the same old story. For example, the story about George gifting his then girlfriend Kelly Preston (around ’89) with a potbellied pig called Max had been run to death in papers, television features and online along with the pictures of the couple posing with the piglet for People Magazine (will post them soon!).But the little story behind why George Clooney felt compelled to get a pig had never been mentioned! Me for one, was second guessing that it was probably some sort of fad at that time or that George had seen pigs in their farms in Kentucky and always wanted one or that his stupid bimbo of a girlfriend (yeah, Kelly Preston was once a bimbo. Once a bimbo always a bimbo) probably squealed at a pig one time saying “Awww…..pigs are sooo cuuuuuuuteee! I want one!” and made an awful lot of PDA chewing George’s ear in the public, etc. that he felt he’d remain romantically challenged if he didn’t buy her a bloody pig! Well, those were just a few of my guesses. But in this feature, they have a snippet of an interview where George explains why he got the pig! No, he didn’t walk into a pig store and get a pig! They had a little pig scene in one of his early TV shows Roseanne and George just felt the instant connection! And HE DID NOT BUY IT FOR THE BIMBO !! This just makes me so much happier! And he also says on the interview how Max once saved him from the earthquake! I miss Max 😦 Well there are loads of other interesting parts too. Watch it up!

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Shailene Woodley plays George Clooney’s Daughter in “The Descendents”

Oh my god she is so annoying!!! I hope she won’t do her ‘daughteerrrr…’ ‘novembeeerrr….’ drawling accent in the movie! Shailene Woodley is playing one of George’s two daughters  and she happens to be the one with a drug addiction.

Meanwhile Descendents seems to have an exciting plot! George’s (Matt King) wife is in an irreversible coma after a boating accident and he learns that she was having an affair with someone before the incident. Having had been the insensitive father/husband plus a land baron and a total ass, Matt hopes to become the good guy by trying to track down his wife’s lover! So he sets out on a road trip with his two daughters to find the guy, so that he’ll have a chance to say goodbye. Meanwhile there’s talk about Matt being schizophrenic! Can this plot get any more weirder?

I can’t wait to lay my hands on the book this movie is based on: The Descendents by Kaui Hart Hemmings. I always love to read the book before I see the movie and this time I’ll have George’s face right there when I’m having trouble imagining the character!The Descendents would probably be the first movie where George is a parent! I can’t think of any other movie except O Brother Where Art Thou…which doesn’t count because there’s not much parenting to do in the script! Can you think of any movie where George plays the adorable dad?

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