This is his wife blogging!


Ok, fine, don’t believe me! But I am married to George Clooney and you don’t know it because we decided to keep it a secret. And now that I’ve let you in on the secret, ssshhhh! No more questions.

Anyways George and I were enjoying a siesta at our house in Lake Como with you know our best friends Branjelina, Matt Damon, etc, etc. when I confronted George about him not having any web presence. Not even a lousy website for crying out loud! It’s just so humiliating for me in front of all my friends, I swear! So he’s like, what’s the point? And I was like, fine I’ll build you a web page. And he was like I can’t. Hello…proved him wrong, didn’t I?

Anyways, this is the only page where I’m gonna be talking about myself in the whole of the internet…so I’ll reserve the right to change my story tomorrow, thank you very much.

That said, you might find some recurring themes in this blog: a. hating his ex-girlfriends, current girlfriends (just a facade šŸ˜‰ ) , ex-wives, etc.

b. that would be ‘a’ again. (I said recurring, didn’t I?)

c. Lots of stuff about George’s upcoming movies, his style, personality, old interviews, videos you just can’t miss, etc. (all the inside scoop!)

d. George’s causes…Sudan, Darfur, Haiti…George had been a very active Humanitarian in the past decade, so I’m gonna have to talk about that a little.


You might also find it weird that sometimes I criticize George. Well, that happens sometimes when I don’t want to ruin the sex, by saying it to his face! So I’ll share it here, thanks!

Please feel free to share the posts on your Facebook Walls, your Twitter, Digg and link back from your blogs, etc. Also, you can subscribe to my posts via email or via your WordPress account as well! Do that and maybe I’ll invite you to the super secret tea party on our million dollar lawn next time šŸ˜›


One response

  1. Amanda

    George, I do not know if you really read these. I just came from watching your new movie and it hit home. I am a nurse who can really sympathize with the two girls and yourself. I did not have one die in my family but just went through a horrible divorce where my spouse was cheating on myself. It is very sad when a person has everything in the palm of there hands and they throw it away. A nice home and family. I would have not put you in a movie like this because usually you are in action movies but you did a wonderful job. I wish my daughter and myself could one day meet you. I am a southern Belle as well as my daughter. She is a senior this year and is doing great. We have been through a lot this year and last year with my situation. People are just cruel and the character having an affair with your wife was very selfish but what is sad is this goes on everyday in real life. Thanks again for this movie. It was really good.

    March 7, 2012 at 6:55 pm

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