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Marrying George Clooney

Awesome, I just found out I am not the only women obsessed with the idea of marrying George Clooney! Someone actually wrote a book about it. Ok, Clooney fans, don’t you go blame my news coverage skills now. I had no reason to know about this seemingly lovely book called Marrying George Clooney by Amy Ferris because a. I am not a feminist and b. I am not menopausal.

But, really I think Amy Ferris did a great job selecting George Clooney for her book because he is the safest bet among celebrities who would not emerge married by the time you finished writing the book. And despite what some people might be getting for spreading wedding rumors like this, they are definitely not getting a married George! *Touchwood*

But why? Why isn’t he married and why is he never getting married? Why did he go the lengths of proclaiming and betting even that he’s never getting married? Well, rhetorically, I could discuss the pros and cons of the institution of marriage itself I guess. But I don’t think it is applicable to George Clooney. He just stands for that decision you make when you got too many choices—choose none!

George’s relationship with Kelly Preston was widely talked about way back in the late eighties. He was the newest most expensive model/actor back then and Kelly was a bit more popular than him already. Thus started the string of high-profile, widely reported relationships George had been in.

George Clooney and Kelly Preston in '88

About Kelly and George? Oh they lived together, they bought a pig, they PDA’d for People magazine and they broke up.

Too bad for Kelly, George got married by the end of the very year (‘89) to Talia Balsam. In Vegas! Maybe Vegas does that to you, getting you to swear off marriage because George did just that a mere three years later, even before the ER popularity bug bit him.

george clooney balsam

Believe me I tried for a better picture, but she was...they that!

About his marriage to Talia Balsam, Clooney said,

“I was 28, and in Kentucky when you get to be that age, you’re supposed to get married, and you know exactly what the marriage should be like. I had this image of marriage. When ours didn’t exactly fit that image, I thought it didn’t work. I wasn’t very bright about it. We had to reconstruct our marriage a little bit, and I wasn’t willing to do that. I walked away. I could have been scared. Maybe I wasn’t ready to be married. It was my fault all the way down the line.”

Well, that was that. Take the blame, give up the money or whatever, but get out. Just get out! Because that is what you do when you are waking up to too many choices. You get out of the existing one 😛

Anyhoo folks, dream all you want about marrying George Clooney, because by the end of that dream, he might have changed his shiny blonde arm-piece, but is definitely not going to sport a shiny band on the finger.

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