This is his wife blogging!

About me and George Clooney…The thing is…

See I was obsessed with George Clooney ever since I was a little kid. Just because I was five doesn’t mean I’m a kid by the way, becuzzzzzz….I was also George Clooney’s girlfriend blah blah..imprint..blah..soulmate..blah….and then we got married and everything (after I grew up of course!). Oh you wouldn’t know…it was a real hush hush affair 😉 Anyways, it’s all good except my shrink advised me that I’ve driven the obsession for ‘him’ too far. One of the ways to rediscover myself, he says, is that I should keep a journal/blog where I am to write anything I like–and I like Clooney!, anything I’d like to reflect on–ditto!, and anything remotely close to my personality instead of his–we’ll see about that.
BTW: Doesn't he look real cute here?

So here I am blogging about George Clooney in a true Mrs.Clooney style. And I am Mrs. Clooney for your kind information. Believe it you!

Now that we are past that, I’d like you to know in this first post of mine, that George is most charming in every way possible. (Sometimes more charming than is flattering. But I’ve learnt to live with that. Its ok–sniff sniff.) There are people, men and women, who would gladly testify to his charm.  Like this guy Joel Stein here. There are a lot of interviews of George Clooney, of course, but this one stands out because Joel had the chance to invite my actor husband to have dinner at his place. Here’s the gist: Joel is nervous that a ‘huge’ actor actually accepted his offer and rambles off about what he’s made and what the publicist/assistant has to say about the menu, etc. Then George Clooney comes in and makes Joel feel ultra-comfy in his humble abode and they chat on about lots of different stuff.

George keeps repeating that ‘you’ve gotta make fun of yourself before others do’, the reasoning behind which I never got. There is some drama over a fire alarm that goes on and off which George fixes! And finally Joel Stein decides that George Clooney could ‘host the crap out of’ anybody.

It’s a long but interesting interlude in the never ending interviews that George gives. Check out the story: George Clooney: The Last Movie Star

Oh by the way, the story is three years too old. But isn’t that the great part about reading on the web instead of papers? More interesting parts of George Clooney’s life and personality, coming up!

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